Everyone deserves to SHINE

What to expect
Sarah Cole coaching in discussion with a client

What to expect?
A conversation! Conversations are not just talking, they use all of our senses, our whole body, feelings and emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

One on one, in a group or in a workshop, conversations are a way we can generate our future.

You know yourself best, even when you are unsure. Humans are naturally creative, resourceful and whole but sometimes we forget this. Our history, life experiences, social media, society, stories etc. may try to suggest otherwise. 

Your well-being is always at the heart of our sessions and you are supported by bringing awareness to your habitual ways of seeing and showing up in the world. Tap into your deep knowing through three interrelated domains of language, the body and emotions. You may shift the way you see and therefore act in your personal and/or professional worlds. 

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“Conversations are dynamic, interactive, and inclusive. They evolve and impact the way we connect, engage, interact, and influence others, enabling us to shape reality, mind-sets, events, and outcomes in a collaborative way.”
Judith Glaser

Group of people sitting in a circle having a discussion

Step out of your


Any new learning can be uncomfortable. Stepping towards the edge of your comfort zone and beyond can bring about transformation. Consider this: What’s one area in which, despite all the things you’ve tried, you’re not getting the results you want? Notice the perspective from which you’ve been looking at this issue. How well is that perspective serving you?

From my experience, possible outcomes include greater well-being and personal satisfaction; a better understanding of your habitual ways of being; better relationships with others; more effective coordination of action; practices and strategies for being a more effective leader; better understanding of your impact on others and the results you are trying to attain, just to name a few.