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Sleep practices

Powerful Practices- Sleep

Sarah Cole

International teacher & Coach supporting lifelong health and well-being

Do you wake up feeling refreshed?

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling the impact of not getting a quality nights sleep. Yet with all the info and reminders about why sleep is important, we still struggle. Here is a quick look at the benefits of quality sleep, costs of not getting it and ways you can set yourself up for success.


Fight infection

Supports metabolism (lose fat, gain muscle)

DNA and tissue repair

Regulates hormones, blood sugar and blood lipids (fats)

Think, learn and remember better

Calmer, more emotionally stable


Additional stress

Decreased libido, immunity

High blood pressure

Poor concentration, memory, coordination and balance

Fatigue both physical and mental

Heart disease

Increased urge to eat


Keep the room quiet and dark, at a comfortable temperature

Exercise during the day

Turn off stimulating electronics

Brain dump, put all your thoughts on paper so you’re not lying in bed thinking about your to do list!

Avoid large meals before bed and caffeine/stimulants at least 8hrs before sleeping

Consistent wake-up and sleep times

Fall asleep within 20mins (if you don’t, get out of bed, do something different, listen to music, read etc. However, not electronics. Then go back to bed again).


Everyone is different, you may work shifts, be a new parent, work with a different time zone etc. More doesn’t always mean better, so look at what works for you and how you might implement some success ideas.


We have everything we need already! But just because it is simple, doesn’t make it easy.  Look out for the next Powerful Practice and let me know how this one goes for you via email or Instagram

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