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Powerful Practices- Eating

Powerful Practices- Eating

Sarah Cole

International teacher & Coach supporting lifelong health and well-being

No matter your goal with nutrition, eating slowly and mindfully is a foundational practice that sounds simple but from experience is not easy!


When you slow down you allow your body and brain to communicate. Around 20mins is the time it takes for your stomach to tell your brain to stop eating! You can eat a lot of calories in 20mins or you can slow down and savour your food with the added benefit of gaining awareness of when you are actually satisfied as well as not feeling deprived.


Related to the above point, it gives you the opportunity to notice when you feel full and when you are actually hungry (not mmmm, I see food, I eat food!) If one of your goals is to lose weight, eating to 80% full can help. If your goal is to gain weight eating to stuffed or around 120% full can help.


This may sound familiar, it’s lunch time, only 30mins to grab some food and wolf it down before your next client, lesson or meeting. Unfortunately after eating you feel bloated and uncomfortable. This is because when we gulp down food we are less likely to chew it thoroughly and this is really where digestion begins, in the mouth. Instead our stomach and digestive system has to work harder to breakdown that mouthful of food. We may feel lethargic and even lose out on nutrients due to poor digestion and absorption.

What makes this a powerful practice, is that we have everything we need already! But just because it is simple, doesn’t make it easy.

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